Job Worx – How it benefits you.


1.       Improve SALES by:

a.       Capturing ALL enquiries – an enquiry cant get lost.

b.       Full client details – alternative means of contact in case of an error.

c.       An enquiry stays on a list until it is fully dealt with.

d.       Quote can be created quickly – be the first to get to the client.

e.       Follow up list for all quotes to see if client has received it. Options:

                i.      Client has not received it – resend and confirm.

                ii.      Client gives you the order.

                iii.      Client questions the price – opportunity to adjust or explain quote.

                iv.      Client is undecided  - schedule on 2nd call list.

f.        Quotes include Photos, Sketches or Drawings – Show samples.

g.       T&C shown. Defaults to ‘Pessimistic’ Settings – protects you.

h.       Easily update and edit the quote at any time.


2.       Improve PROFITS by:

a.       Accurate Job costing, and correct profit margins. Detail HERE

b.       Your costing updates as you update cost prices.

c.       Be aware of changes in cost price.

d.       Purchase at the right price (with correct supplier discount).

e.       Order in advance so time is not wasted at the supplier.

f.        Reminders of outstanding supplier orders.

g.       Update quote immediately there is a variation to the quote.

h.       Automatically produce an Invoice – Present immediately.

i.         Follow up on OUTSTANDING MONEY.

j.         Keep track of retentions.


3.       Improve your company IMAGE by:

a.       Be the first (often the ONLY person) to get a quote to the client.

b.       Following up and updating clients – record the discussion.

c.       View your total schedule – adjust or advise clients in advance .

d.       Keep notes – anyone accessing the system can see what was discussed.

e.       When a client phones – go straight to their job on the system. Be knowledgeable.

f.        Finish on time. Present invoice quickly.

g.       Job stays on the list until 100% complete.

h.       If there is a snag – immediately reopen the job until resolved.


4.       Your business RUNS BETTER because:

a.       You are putting systems into your business.

b.       Everything is written down in one place.

c.       Anyone can access the information – business continues when you are out.

d.       Teams get proper job cards – created instantly.

e.       Going away on leave is so much easier – all info is on the system.

f.        You can monitor sales conversion rates, and work out ways to improve it.

g.       You cost jobs correctly – minimise the chance of doing a job at a loss.

h.       You or anyone else can chase outstanding money – keep the cashflow positive!

i.         Focus on the job and getting more work, rather than working in crisis mode.

j.         Have an accurate activity record for when you sell your business or look for funding.



Designed to be simple and easy to use. Create your first quote within minutes.


Two options: 

Job-Worx             -Single computer, for office, not mobile.

Job-Worx PRO    -Multiple user, portable, available anywhere with an internet connection.  Cloud based.


Job-Worx PRO can be customized by the supplier for individual need. Standard Job-Worx is fixed.

Enquiry - Site cards for sales - Costing - Quoting - Scheduling - Job Cards - Invoicing - Collecting

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