Detailed Job costing to show profits.

Setting up standard costs for items often used in a job costing. For example:

      1. A square meter of Ceiling board
      2. A square meter of 13mm cement plaster.
      3. A square meter of timber deck.
      4. A kitchen cupboard with 4 draws, 600mm wide, no handle.
      5. A 200 litre hot water system with 3m of 22mm pipe.
      6. A 12000BTU Heat pump installation, max 5m run, with wall bracket, external mount, etc......

Procedure to create a 'Product Module'

      1. First step is to setup all your suppliers details.
      2. Second step it to enter your suppliers main components into the system, together with prices and discounts. Components sorted by CATEGORY -  (Component Section). Setup labour as a 'Component' as well.
      3. In the Product cost section, the  components are visible - displayed by category.
      4. Enter the all the relevant components into the 'Product module' costing section with quantities.
      5. Determine sell price per item while considering Profit margin and Markup %.



You can setup costing of a Job in detail, showing cost of an item and profits.

      1. If you have setup items in the 'Product module' section (as above) you can add as many of those as you like.
        1. 100 x 1m² of ceiling board, skimmed join.
        2. 100 x 1m² of undercoat paint.
        3. 100x 1m² of topcoat paint.
        4. 3m high set of scaffold with planks.
        5. 100x 1m² of 100mm fibre insulation in ceiling.
        6. Labour  - General worker - 6 hours.
        7. Labour - Artisan - 6 hours.       etc....  
      2. You can manually add individual items, showing your cost as well as a suitable markup for that item.
      3. View your totals, as well as total profit.
      4. View the effect of a discount on your profit margins.
      5. Send the detailed quote to the client, who will see items, and marked-up price only.